Who We Partner With


Originally founded in 1886 as the Standard Paint Company GAF began its work to become one of the largest private companies in America. In 1892 its partnership with Griscom they created Ruberoid which was one of the first ready to lay asphalt roofing systems to enter the market. In 1967 They created the Timberline series of asphalt shingles which became the one of the most successful roofing products to ever hit the market. Now GAF is known for its diverse line of roofing products as well as its recently released Solar shingles.

What does being a GAF Certified Contractor mean to us? Our partnership with GAF has been around since Greater American Roofing was started when it was a small business of just four people and hope to bring a positive change to the roofing industry and give the best quality and service to our customers. GAF played a large portion in our success over the years. We have installed hundreds of GAF full system roofs since we were founded, and we continue to today.