Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Our teams are specifically trained and specialize in residential roof maintenance. What does this mean to you? We not only do a biannual inspection of your roof, but we perform on our repair work when needed. Many roofing manufacturers recommend, or require, a homeowner to maintain a preventative maintenance program for their warranted roof. Some even offer extensions on their warranty if you have a plan in place.

“It is important to protect your investment and extend the life of your roof. Greater American Roofing offers one of the only Roof Tune Up services for residential roofing in the area.”

A guide in the roofing industry to help you during a stressful time

As roofing systems mature, investing in preventative maintenance now can save on major problems and expenditures later. Our 10-Point Inspection is one of a kind, and includes:

Roof Tune Up: $799 annually

Additional Services Available:

  • Gutter Cleaning with Gutter Guards- Estimated – $350
  • Stain and Algae Treatment – $600
  • All Roof Tune Up subscribers will also qualify for a 15% discount on any larger
    repairs needed on projects such as shingle repair/replacement, flashing
    repair/replacement, pipe flashing replacement, etc.