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Pike County Roofing
In order to earn the title of a reliable roofer in Pike County residents must be able to count on you to get the job done on time, on budget, and with excellent skill and commitment. It also means treating people as valued community members, not just paying customers. At Greater American Roofing, we understand that every home or business our experienced team of roofers works on, is that of a friend, neighbor, or member of our community. These are reasons we have enjoyed a wealth of positive referrals and a reputation for affordable roofing solutions Pike County residents can trust.

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Experience Matters in Pike County
With more than 21 years of roofing experience in the Pike County and its surrounding areas, our locally-owned and operated outfit understands the unique challenges home and business owners face. Severe weather and fast-changing seasonal conditions can play havoc with roofs not seen in many parts of the country. Our experienced team members have acquired years of experience in local roofing. It’s the kind of insider knowledge about roofing only people who live here possess.

Prompt Roofing Services You Can Count On
Residents living on the front range are intimately familiar with fierce winds and hailstorms wreaking havoc on residential and commercial property roofs. When severe weather damages roofs, the interior of your home or commercial building is at risk due to leaks. Water penetrations can pose the greatest danger to homes and business in a number of ways.

Moisture immediately goes to work weakening and rotting away at posts and beams needed to support the structure. When moisture gets into walls, ceiling, and floors, it can spur unhealthy mold growths. When hail and high winds tear at your roof, the entire property is in danger. The faster your roof is secured, the safer your home, business, and family will be. We immediately respond to emergency calls from our valued community members.

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Preventative Roofing Inspections Matters
While our team of roofing professionals are prepared to respond in heightened situations, it’s essential that home and business owners take advantage of preventative services. While the prevailing wisdom is that a well-built roof can last upwards of 25 years, it’s not uncommon for even the best construction to require at least minor repairs. We believe that routine roof inspections are the key to proactive maintenance and care.

Roof inspections provide home and business owners with information to make informed decisions about updates, repairs, and when it makes sense to replace your roof. If your roof is aging, or you suspect a recent storm impacted it, an inspection can determine problem areas and support a claim with your insurance company.

Why A Local Roofer Matters in Pike County
It’s no secret that home and commercial property owners have valid concerns about finding ethical construction outfits. The reports of excessive cost overruns, inaccurate estimates, and below par work have created a type of buyer-beware-climate. It is an unfortunate reality, but too many construction companies don’t place a high enough value on ongoing relationships. That is exactly the opposite when it comes to Greater American Roofing.

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The fact of the matter is that big construction corporations are too often willing to staff their ranks with low-skilled and inexperienced workers. Emphasizing profit over quality, the out-of-town or even out-of-state crew that arrives to work on your roof may not have the experience or skill level to effectively deliver lasting repairs. It’s almost certain that non-local companies lack the depth of knowledge about the nuances of crafting or repairing a roof that must endure shifting weather patterns at a high altitude. Home and business owners are likely to only get the bare minimum building code threshold to pass inspection.

Beyond the necessary experience of local roofing, when you work with a company whose employees shop at your grocery store, pump gas in your neighborhood and interact at town functions, you know they live and work in Pike County. That means they build and correct roofing issues locally on a daily basis and understand that minimum standards are not good enough. It’s imperative that your roof enjoy the heightened strength that can only be delivered through years of experience in this unique place.

Hire an Experienced Pike County Roofer You Can Trust
We are committed to continuing our long-standing reputation for serving our local community. Greater American Roofing isn’t another out-of-town roofing outfit. We are a roofer Pike County residents can trust! Call today to schedule your free estimate today!

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