Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Often homeowners don’t even know what their insurance policy truly covers, and are at a loss on what to do, who to talk to, or what the first step is in repairing their home to pre-loss condition. While we are not an insurance carrier or Public Adjuster, there are certain things we encourage you to learn about your policy before you file a claim so that you are aware of what your carrier may or may not pay for your claim.

” Filing an insurance claim for damage or loss to your home can be scary, we understand that. Greater American Roofing is here to help you every step of the way.  “

To Get the Most From Home Insurance Claim:

1. Find your policy documents. If you don’t have them handy, you can often find them online from going to your carriers website and logging into their portal. If not, call your agent, they will help! 

 2. Carefully review coverage. This is so important, you need to understand your personal homeowners policy. 

 3. Take photos and video. Any pictures you have from before a storm or catastrophe are a tremendous help, and please ensure you take pictures of you find storm damage such as missing shingles, damaged gutters or gutter covers, damaged window screens, damaged shutters, fallen trees, etc. 

 4. Document the damage. Write it down! What did you see, date of storm, time of day (if you know), weather conditions such as hail, high winds, etc. 

 5. Make temporary repairs. Most homeowners are asked by their insurance companies to mitigate further damage by temporarily covering exposed areas such as tarping a roof where a leak exists that could cause further damage until a permanent repair can be made. Call your insurance agent, they will know what you need to do. We can help with the mitigating by tarping, or or whatever is needed. 

 6. Don’t assume something isn’t covered. Often homeowners are worried that something isn’t covered and don’t want to file an unnecessary claim. This is understandable and we never advocate anyone to file an unnecessary claim! However, don’t fail to file a claim that could be covered by your policy just because you are not sure. Review your policy documents, or call your agent or carrier customer service team, they will be able to guide you on what YOUR policy covers in the event you need to use it. After all, you pay an insurance premium because you need to be able to rely on them when you most need it! 

 7. Prepare for battle. Some carriers have more hoops to jump through than others to get your claim filed and approved. Don’t let this discourage you from filing a legitimate, and necessary claim to get the help you need when you most need it. 

Greater American Roofing will work with you and your insurance carrier from the beginning to help provide documentation of your loss, the cost and method to repair your loss while ensuring that you have the temporary protection in place to mitigate additional damage that could arise while your insurance claim is progressing through the process of a claims adjustment, and a permanent resolution to your loss.