Who We Partner With


IKO is one the largest shingle manufacturers in the world today. Founded in 1951 by a Polish man who had escaped from Poland in the height of the German invasion, he moved to Canada and founded IKO. The company first manufactured building paper and then it expanded into include coated roll roofing products. Its first asphalt shingle was manufactured in 1954. The company’s main focus during the late 20th century was exporting asphalt shingles to Europe and its home market of Canada. In recent decades it began the push to take market share into the United States. Recently in 2021 IKO Dynasty was awarded the best asphalt roofing shingle on the market by roofing insights. 

What does it mean to be IKO Craftsman Preferred? In our home market of North Georgia there are only three companies awarded this prestigious title with Greater American Roofing being the Northeast Georgia Craftsman Preferred Contractor. For us it means that IKO places a professional and trusting relationship into our brand through the highest quality products they produce and the expertise of Greater American Roofing to install and guarantee the highest quality.