Even though there is no licensing requirement for Roofing Contractors in Georgia, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. We have a General Contractor on staff if your project requires a General contractor. We will be delighted to provide you with these documents before beginning your roofing project.

At Greater American Roofing, we offer IKO shingles, and we are certified partners with both. Partnering with these companies gives our customers more choices with their roofing projects. We will be delighted to provide you with the roofing manufacturers certifications prior to starting your project.

The shingle manufacturers provide a warranty of various lengths based on the product purchased, and Greater American Roofing provides a three-year standard workmanship warranty on labor. We also can provide additional warranties through the shingle manufacturers based on the product purchased. We are thrilled to provide you with a copy of all the warranty information, including warranty options from the shingle manufacturers in writing.
Greater American Roofing commenced operations in April of 2020.
Greater American Roofing is owned and operated by the Watterson family. Al Watterson is the person you can talk to if you have any questions or concerns. Also, Did you know that one of the Watterson family members visits each job site regularly to ensure that the job meets or exceeds your expectations? Al's number is 404-267-6999.
Yes, Greater American Roofing is a local company, and our primary office is in Dawsonville, GA.
That is a great question and one that deserves an equally good answer. Greater American Roofing has invested in a Catch-All system to provide maximum protection for your property. This system is a combination of mesh netting supported on the walls and mesh blankets designed to catch nails and protect your landscaping.
Throughout the entire project, our Greater American Roofing crew routinely cleans the job site. At the end of the project, we use two types of magnets, stick magnets, and rolling magnets, to ensure those pesky nails get caught and removed.

Every project is important at Greater American Roofing; some roofs are far more complicated than one would think. If it is a standard roofing project, it could be as little as a day or two days. If it is a specialty roofing project, it could take several weeks.

We get this question a lot, and the best way to answer this is in the last three plus years, we have worked in many neighborhoods from Buckhead to Dawsonville and all areas in between.

Yes, we use drip edge on all of the projects we complete. The building code requires drip edge, and all of our projects meet the local and state building codes.
We use ice and water shield on all standard roofing projects. We apply it to all valleys and side walls.
At Greater American Roofing, we understand how important a superior-quality roofing job is for you and your family. We would never reuse the existing flashing on your project.
Our standard Greater American Roofing crew is 13 people on the job, 12 roofers, plus one of our Residential Supervisor/foremen.
Our crew is all one family, and while team members occasionally depart, our Greater American Roofing crew leaders have been installing roofs for more than 14 years.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, you absolutely must have a good understanding of a roof’s condition. You need to be aware of any potential problems. If you are selling a home, a new roof can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and more competitive in the market.

If you are the buyer, you certainly don’t want to take on someone else’s problem by accepting a roof that is damaged or at the end of it’s life span. If neither of those are the case, your roof is still extremely important! A structurally sound roof ensures your families safety, and can also save you money on your energy bills each month by keeping your home properly insulated.

There are several things that can alert you to the fact that your roof may need replaced:

  • The age of your home-if your roof is more than 15 years old, it may be reaching the end of its lifespan. Seek a qualified, insured and license roofing contractor to assess it
  • Are your shingles cracked, breaking, missing or eroded? Do you find granules in your gutters? If so, Greater American Roofing can give you an honest assessment of your roof’s current condition.
  • Has there been recent storms in your area that included extreme wind or hail? If so, you may have damage you can’t see from the ground but is nonetheless important to assess to see if it is creating roofing system failures.
  • Have you experienced a leak, water damage (water spots on your ceiling or walls), or even mold? If the answer is yes, seek a qualified roofing contractor like Greater American Roofing with the experience and expertise to exceed your expectations of bringing the integrity back to your roof.

That will vary depending upon the size of your home, the complexity of the type of roofing system that you have/need, as well as the area in which you live. The National Average in 2022 is $15,000, while the National Average for a luxury home can range from $35, 000 to $44,000. Give Greater American Roofing a call for a no cost, professional assessment report, and proposal. We are manufacturer certified and a craftsmen elite contractor with several manufacturers.

Greater American Roofing has won several awards of distinction from the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer Association for projects that we have completed that other contractors walked away from due to difficulty. We have also been featured in articles by manufacturers of high-end designer materials for the quality of our work and professionalism.

Choosing a contractor for a roof repair can be a daunting task. You may find that many roofing contractors don’t offer repair services, some won’t show up even if you schedule an appointment, while others simply don’t have the experience or expertise to truly find the root of the problem.

Google can be a great source of information when searching for a contractor to address your repair. What does their reputation say about them? What have other clients said about the work they have done? Do they have video testimonials from current and former clients that tell you how they helped solve their problem?

At Greater American Roofing, we pride ourselves on doing what we say we are going to do. If you choose to call us for a roofing repair, we will bring our expertise to you and find a solution that restores your roof to its proper working condition. Listen to what some of our other customers are saying about us and then decide.

Anytime you are choosing a contractor for your roof, whether your are in need of a repair or a replacement, you should ask them the following questions (and require they provide you proof) to some of the most important things that determine whether they are reputable or not: 

  • Are they licensed? Does the contractor have a business license in your state? This will tell you whether they are they legally allowed to work with you? Without a license, if anything goes wrong, how do you pursue action against them? At Greater American Roofing, we are professionally licensed by the state (and many counties that also have additional licensing requirements), have a General Contractor on staff, and are happy to provide you with a copy of our pertinent license upon request.
  • Are they insured? Does the contractor carry the proper General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance to meet the requirements of the state? Did you know that in many states if a person falls off of your roof, the homeowner can be liable? At Greater American Roofing, we are fully insured with both General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance in excess of what is minimally required by the state. Our staff have all also been trained and certified in OSHA safety standards, and we require them to wear fall protection gear at all times when climbing.

A roof repair must be assessed thoroughly to find the root of the problem area. This can take time. A good contractor will not only look from the outside but will look from the inside as well (including your attic if you have one). They will use things such as a moisture meter to find where the leak is entering the home and trace it back to the membrane. Once they find it, they can then give you a specific price for repair. The national average cost for a roof repair can be anywhere from $400 to $1000, depending upon the source of the leak. In extreme cases, larger repairs range on average from $1000-$3000 for repair. It is important to ensure that you choose a company like Greater American Roofing to not only find the source of the problem and fix it, but also to treat you fairly.

Frequently Asked Questions for Manor Credit

Manor Credit offers multiple promotional financing options that can address your budgetary needs. Instead of paying cash, keep more money in your pocket and get interest rates that are typically much lower than a credit card.

When you fill out an application and view available loan offers, our platform uses a soft pull of credit that will not impact your credit score. If you select an offer to move forward with, then we will run a hard pull of credit that may have a small impact on your credit score.

Your loan is only valid to pay for products and services offered through the contractor you applied with.

Once your loan is approved, you have 5 months to transact against your loan with this business. This is also referred to as your purchase window.

Your contractor will request payments by sending an SMS message to the number you provide in your application. This message will include information on how to accept or reject payments. Once you accept a payment, your loan balance will increase by the amount of the payment.

For your convenience, Manor Credit takes payment online or by phone. Please visit manorcredit.repay.io or call 855-600-1670. For security purposes, be prepared to provide your Loan Number and Security PIN to verify your identity and process
your payment if paying by phone.

Throughout the entire project, our Greater American Roofing crew routinely cleans the job site. At the end of the project, we use two types of magnets, stick magnets, and rolling magnets, to ensure those pesky nails get caught and removed.

No matter what amount you are approved for, you will only be responsible to pay back the amount you spend with your contractor during the purchase window, plus associated interest and fees.